Congratulations! Your mother just sent you a friend request on facebook. Your life is officially over!

A few months ago, an item in my Facebook news feed sent a weird feeling through my system: my kid sister had just become Facebook friends with someone I knew very well: our mother.And not to stop at that, she now has our nosey aunt, his ratty husband and our endless relatives on her facebook. She probably stared at the friend requests for 2 whole days before grudgingly accepting, not knowing fully well what hell would follow.

Yes, our mother is on facebook.Fortunately, I am no longer a teenager who is ashamed of the world to know who my mother is (remember when you used to ask your mother to drop you off few blocks down?).I adore and admire my mother and think she is the strongest, smartest and prettiest woman I have the privilege of knowing.Maybe because of the fact that I am now out of high school , I don’t mind being friends with her on facebook. But lets be frank guys, each one of us at some point of our life have been annoyed by our parents being on our facebook or other social media.In this post I am going to comment on the various ways our parents have tried to dominate our lives even more through facebook.

Let me begin with the most infuriating category of mothers- The Alarmists!! How many times have you seen a post that says something like this ““WARNING!!!!!!!! FACEBOOK CAN STEAL YOUR PICTURES IF YOU DON’T POST THIS LEGAL COPYRIGHT!” or seen memes or headlines telling your mum how paedophiles can get to their kids through facebook accounts or other chatting and social media platforms. Nope, sorry mum. Complete lies.Please stop getting all paranoid over nothing!

Moving on, let us talk about the mothers who post way too many pictures of their kids day in and day out. I like to call them The Humblebraggers !.Didn’t call them braggers because its social media and a large part of the deal is to brag. But these are the special types who have an obnoxiously subtle way of bragging about things. I understand that parenting is a challenging job and you want to share everything starting from the first step your child took to the art competition he recently won, but who are you kidding. No one gives a horse about what your kid did or achieve.Thats not how facebook parenting rolls.The other mothers watching your post are probably just too obsessed with their own kids to appreciate what yours did.Stop already!!

I have always felt that the thin line between family and friends is often blurred as far as my relationship with my mother is concerned.However, even the most closest of parent-child relationships can hit a stumbling block where ‘facebook’ is involved.She might be your best friend, but that doesn’t mean you want her to overanalyse your tagged pictures or your ‘slightly’ flirtatious wall posts or comments. Mothers have the tendency to make even the simplest of interactions an emotionally loaded experience.That starts to feel pretty weighty once they have access to your online self 24 hours a day.

I am glad my mum is so tech savvy and a part of my social media. Sometimes, you get the kick in the face that reminds you that your parents, in fact, are human beings with lives of their own. All  my mother wanted was to connect with old friends and keep up with her daughters. And yet the 19-year-old in me wanted to keep her from doing so.However, over the years I have realized, one large aspect of feeling like an independent adult is having the ability to control how much we let people in.When a mother makes that friend request, there is an implicit feeling that the control is slipping from our hand, that our bubble of autonomy is being poked, that the ways we have chosen to be different in some aspects from  them , make our own mistakes and thus blaze our own path, are now being opened to lots of scrutiny and judgement.

In all seriousness, a little tip before I sign off (I am sure most of you already did that: PRIVACY CONTROLS.

I would love to hear about any embarrassing facebook stories you guys want to share.


Signing off


9 thoughts on “OH CRAP! MUM IS ON FACEBOOK!

  1. For YEARS my entire family was Facebook-free. My parents didn’t want me to get it when I was younger because they feared I would get murdered or not be able to get a job or something. But last year I decided it was time for me to get it, as I was missing important info that would only be posted there. I was the first one in my family. Literally a month later, I walk by my mom’s laptop and what do I see? A Facebook feed. She asked me to be friends with her, but I straight up refused, as has my brother several months later when he finally joined the site too.
    My mom already creeps me on Twitter and my blog, so I drew the line at Facebook.

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  2. I can’t relate because my mother isn’t on Facebook and refuses to be. I call that a win. I do have some relatives on Facebook, but they keep to themselves. I think I am more annoyed with my current friends on Facebook than my relatives. I have too many humblebraggers and attention whores (the girls who post “I don’t have any friends.”). Those drive me nuts!

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  3. I feel the craze for facebook has reduced over time but some people are still obsessed with posting each and every detail of their life on their wall.Though I am sure my mother joined facebook just to keep tabs on what happens in my life.


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