My Anti-Bucket List

I am sure each one of you out there have made a bucket list at some point of your lives about the things you want to do before you are 40 or before you die.You may want to visit some fancy country, go skydiving, have that notebook moment-the list is endless.I have my own bucket list chalked out too but that is something which is very private for me and will remain forever in the deep recesses of my mind.BUT there are certain things I NEVER plan to do in my entire lifetime. That Bieber song teaches us to “Never say never” but some things are just a big no-no for me.So I am going to create an anti-bucket list i.e a list of things I never plan to do.

My Anti-Bucket List

  • I will never do hard drugs– I am pretty positive most of you have that on your anti list and I hope you do. I have never thought of doing drugs even for the sake of experimentation.As a medical student and knowing what these can do to my body,I intend to stay miles away from them.So the window for me to experiment with drugs is way closed.
  • I will never read an E.L James novel(again)-50 shades was one hell of an experience for me.Till date I haven’t understood the craze for her books.The idea of contracture bonding never appealed to me.Apart from that, her writing style is amateur and quite repetitive.
  • I will never wear socks with sandals– What about this is attractive or even remotely okay? Its the biggest fashion faux pas and I swear to never do it( Even though I am not a fashion freak or enthusiast)
  • I will never kill anyone– That is pretty obvious,isn’t it?
  • I will never get a permanent tattoo– I am the sort of person to get bored of things easily, so the idea of getting a permanent image on my skin scares me.What if I don’t like it after 5 min or 5 weeks or even months? Nah, I would pass.
  • I will never own a fancy car- I am just not interested in cars enough to spend huge chunks of money on them. Instead I would prefer to save up for going on a world tour. So no Ferrari or Lamborghinis in the plan.I would prefer creating memories than things.
  • I will never eat an insect on purpose– Certain insects are considered to be edible food and eaten in many parts of the world. Native Americans and those in Africa roast beetles over coal and eat them as popcorn. I absolutely cannot think of trying that.
  • I am never going to be one of those persons who just don’t have time to read-I give permission to disown me if I ever say that. I absolutely love to read.

 Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for you to get tattoos or enjoy reading erotica, but please don’t make me do them with you.My list is quite short because I am crazy and adventurous and there are very few things I wouldn’t do. (Cliff jumping tops my bucket list…)

I would be glad to know whats on your anti-bucket list! Kindly share.

Signing off


9 thoughts on “My Anti-Bucket List

  1. Thank you! I was wondering when someone would say that. I read Fifty Shades to see what all the hype was about. It was okay but I could not get past her atrocious language. I guess that’s all you can get from a fan fic, but that is no excuse. Anyone with an intellectual brain would understand how horrid the writing was. I swear if I read, “My inner goddess” one more time was I going to burn the book and sacrifice it to the gods. Sorry about the rant. Good post and an amazing concept!


      1. I didn’t care for it but when I start something I have to finish lol. It’s just her writing style was horrid and I was surprised anyone thought it was worth the read.

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      2. If they actually would followed the book then the movie would have actually been semi-okay. I felt awkward watching some of it because her character was making me feel awkward.

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  2. Love the post and I also agree with the Fifty Shades rant. I read the first book and will never pick it or any of her others up again. I’ve been sitting here trying to decide what I’d put on my anti-bucket list and I’m drawing a blank. I’m going to ponder on it and maybe I’ll be linking you to a post since I adore this idea!

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